Here's how it began...

It's really not that complicated. Irresponsible gum disposal has been a pet peeve of our family for quite some time. Over the years, we've gently enlightened friends (and even some strangers) about the impact that chewed gum can have on people, animals and the planet. Some reacted with stares of disbelief, others viewed us as crazy tree huggers... and others, yes, the wonderful others became believers in our simple little cause: Don't leave your chewed gum for someone else to "find!"

A while back, Ed was working at his boat yard and watched a customer walk across the parking lot toward his office. The customer stepped on a wad of chewed gum which stuck to his pristine pair of Sperrys. The customer exclaimed, "Nuts! Nuts! Nuts! My day is ruined!"  This person's exasperation became the spark for our flagship product... we just didn't know it at the time.

Much later, our family went to a music fest -- lots of happy hippies enjoying a good time. Our oldest daughter, Sarah, was dancing barefoot on the lawn when she stepped on a glop of chewed gum. She grimaced and yelped in disgust.  Ed responded, "Gum happens."  On that very day we decided it was time to get the word out in a bigger way.  Sure, gum happens... but it doesn't have to.

So to the people out there who don't take responsibility for your chewed gum... we say, "You're on notice!" The responsible gum chewers of the world want to point out all the things you do that are just not right! We say, "No more gum under tables, or on sidewalks, or on our shoes, or on our car ties...!"  We laugh in the face of your lack of regard for cleanliness and lack of respect for others.  We are striking back through!